Egidija Talaliene.

Egidija is a psychologist, a psychotherapist, member of the Association of Mindfulness. She is a  habitual trainer,  the author of programs „Ideas for a Comfortable Body“ and (a well-known free-of-charge program) „Antistress Exercises“. Egidija teaches others to share what he has tried and practiced in her own life. The mindfulness method is applied practically in groups and individually (6 years) helping people overcome anxiety, stress, depression, pain, harmful habits, adjusting weight, revealing creativity, new opportunities to improve relationships with others and enhance their personal effectiveness by developing health-related habits.

During the conference, Egidija will lead the practical session „Psychological stress-resistance training“. During the session, participants will perform anti-stress exercises (attentiveness, mind, deliberate eating, goodness, self-care), helping to overcome pain, bad habits, and new changes.

My Sessions