Andrius Kaluginas.

psychologist-psychotherapist, certified mindfulness teacher-instructor, philosopher, author of books „Complexus Amoris“ (2014) and „Lightness“ (2017), director of TV programs, author and director of „Žinių radijas“ broadcasts. Member of Lithuanian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Society and Lithuanian Association of Awareness Psychology. Founder and leader of the „MES“ to reduce the unity of the National Support Fund.

Andrius has three university degrees – in philosophy, psychology, psychotherapy. More than 20 years of experience in psychological, psychotherapeutic, philosophical counseling. Private counseling, couples and businesses, public and private seminars. Into private psychological practice „came“ from the diplomatic service. For 9 years he worked in the structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania (diplomatic negotiations, PR).

In the life and work follows the principles of the philosophy of Daoism and mindfulness practitioners.

My Sessions